Individualist is Post Minimalist


英語の添削結果 -1月23日




Words and Phrases

- compromise

- compassion

- altruism

- strive for

- nitpick

- stimulate

- wonder

- superfluous

- eminent



- Curiosity leads TO creativity.

- STIMULATING(Keeping) his or her own curiosity is difficult.

- At (his) 5-yearS (old), he WONDERED (thought that) what is life.

- After GRADUATION (he graduated) from (his) medical school, he decided to become a researcher.

- He is (a) one of the most eminent researcherS.

- When he was a college student, he traveled all over the world, (and he learned) LEARNING about different cultures.

- (He was) ALREADY AS a child (who) HE loved mathematics.

- He was curious about not only mathematics itself, but also (an) ABOUT THE application of (mathematics) COMPUTATION to the real world.

- He (discovered) DEVELOPED/CONSTRUCTED an algorism for stock PICKING AND investment.

- After (his discovery) THAT ACCOMPLISHMENT/INSIGHT, he implemented his investment algorism.