Individualist is Post Minimalist





  • The main reason is that agriculture (industry) in Japan (has no competitiveness) IS NOT COMPETITIVE in international marketS(, so Japan) AND needs to (consider its future) IMPROVE ITS agriculture industry.  
    -- have no competitivenessという表現はあまり使わないらしい。あと、consider its futureもあいまいだから、明確にする。
  • WHEREAS I think that a business research CENTER is also important, (but) there are ALREADY many good organizations for business research, in both the private AND THE PUBLIC sector (and the public sector). 
    -- Cosmeticsの問題
  • (On the contrary) BY CONTRAST, there are (less) FEW excellent organizations in agriculture. 
    -- on the contraryを使う場合は、先行する議論がある場合のみ。by contrastはニュートラルに使える。
  • In my essay, I (explain the) PROVIDE SOME reasonS why I prefer a center for a research in agriculture through 3 examples.
    -- explainはエラそうな表現。日本語と違って。