Individualist is Post Minimalist












I would develop a product that would enable to easily play piano.

It is difficult for an individual to learn playing piano on his/her own (with do-it-yourself).

You need to consult a lawyer at an (with) expensive consulting fee.

The product would enable the submission of applications through (with) a do-it-yourself process.

My product has (offers) the following 3 features.

-- Libraries having (, which contain) a thesaurus of many fields --

Inventors prepare (make) patent documents.

I provide some rationales (only mention the reason) for my product and need for its introduction, (why my product is needed) through (with) 3 examples, as follows.

Ken is a lawyer specialized in (who has a specialty on) intellectual property.

He has only 3-year career (3 year-career) in the patent field.

He wants to engage (consider how to win) other lawyers who have longer careers.

He thinks that one strength of the experienced lawyers (‘s strength) is their knowledge about special cases.

Ken wants to handle issues even though he is relatively new at that profession (without long experiences).

Masahiko was interested in invention (had an interest with).

He runs a small company that (, which) produces automobile parts.

He has invented products and processes that make it easier (easy) to build integrated and modern products.

He needed to consult with a lawyer.

After his subsequent consulting, he realized that consulting fees were extremely expensive (was so expensive).

He was convinced that (strongly thought that) if you (I) have prepared legal documents by yourself (myself), you might (could) have cut costs.

I believed that the most important attribute (point) of my proposed system would be (is) the use of existing knowledge from (in) prior documents.